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Denim over denim

You may know and love a similar cut already, from our bow tops of our linen and bridal collections. Now it shines new in denim.
SERA has a straight neckline and adjustable bow on the back. It is slightly tapered at the front hem.

Complete SERA with...
Jeans SELENE and ALBA 
Denim skirt LUCE 
Denim jacket ARIA

You may know our Denim products already. SERA also was invented together in collaboration with Dawn Denim:

Sustainable denim production is very complex and requires a lot of know-how. So why not cooperate with one of the most sustainable jeans labels and use the knowledge that already exists?
Because - collaboration beats competition!
Together we have developed a few styles that combine our JAN ’N JUNE signature and the high quality and sustainability standards of Dawn Denim.

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